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The Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) is a business-driven alliance that promotes work-based learning and apprenticeships across multiple sectors as a way to bridge the gap between the skills people have and the skills employers need.

GAN empowers people, businesses and communities to thrive in a world of transformation by delivering workplace education and training to align skills with the demands of the labour market.

GAN New Zealand has been established to:

  • Strengthen companies’ and organisations’ engagement in apprenticeships.
    • Share the best practices in the areas of apprenticeships, mentoring and on-the-job training
      • Encourage effective knowledge sharing programmes and partnerships from GAN’s network of committed local and global companies and organisations.

      Our focus areas:


      Despite some recent encouraging trends, women are underrepresented in a number of trades areas. GAN New Zealand’s hosting organisation, Skills Group, has been part of a three-year research programme in New Zealand to understand the barriers to participation in traditionally male-dominated trades, and we believe the perception issues highlighted by the research can provide valuable insights to others, as well as continue to effectively advocate for much-needed change.

      Equity and achievement

      While there are persistent achievement gaps between Māori and non-Māori across New Zealand’s Education system, Tertiary Education Commission data shows these gaps are observed least in employer-led traineeships and apprenticeships. This finding is a testament to the effectiveness of work-based learning, standing alongside the substantial range of evidence we are able to offer the global network on what has worked to improve the participation and achievement of priority learner groups, and sustain these outcomes.

      Employer capability

      Achieving strong outcomes from work-based learning systems has as much to do with how we support the employer as it does with how we support the employee.  We know that the drag on New Zealand’s productivity relates to management and supervisory capability, and as small enterprises dominate the New Zealand market, building employer capability can help businesses improve and grow while getting the most value out of their training investments.

      Degree-level and advanced apprenticeships

      While one-off pilots and good work has been achieved in some areas, policy and operational barriers remain. These hold back work-integrated pathways and apprenticeship models to achieve higher level qualifications, including degrees.  As part of vocational sector reform and the qualifications framework, GAN New Zealand is keen to broker new connections between the higher education and vocational education sectors in New Zealand.

      Welcome from GAN Chair, Laurent Freixe

      GAN New Zealand is one of the newest branches of the Global Apprenticeship Network, launched in November 2020. Laurent Freixe, CEO of Nestle Zone Americas and Chair of GAN Global, shared his personal welcome at the GAN NZ launch on November 12th, while addressing the continued importance of workforce development and preparing our youth to enter the labour market.

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