Skills for Employability:

A project between Microsoft Philanthropies and GAN

Project Details

In July 2020, Microsoft launched a global skills initiative to bring digital skills to a total of 25 million people worldwide. In partnership with Microsoft, The Global Apprenticeship Network and three selected GAN Networks in New Zealand, Australia, and Colombia will work to promote digital skilling programmes for underrepresented and vulnerable communities in those countries.

This project (Skills for Employability) will focus on:

  • Advocacy and policy to advance the digital transformation opportunities to unlock new jobs for adults and youth.
  • Identification of work-based learning programmes (opportunities and providers) that include a strong digital component to enable the acquisition of relevant skills for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Career advice and guidance, as well as employers’ visits, to promote STEAM vocations among under 25 years-old-students.

Learn Skills for In-Demand Jobs

We encourage digital skilling for all and are fortunate to have access to Microsoft learning tools across a variety of career pathways.

Software Developer

Sales Representative

Project Manager

IT Administrator

Customer Service Specialist

Digital Marketer

IT Support/Help Desk

Data Analyst

Financial Analyst

Graphic Designer

Digital Skilling Situational Analysis in New Zealand

As part of the Skills for Employability project, GAN New Zealand has been engaged to develop a digital skilling situational analysis for Aotearoa. This situational analysis is intended to identify opportunities and challenges in addressing digital skilling and related workforce issues. It specifically looks to explore issues in attracting non-traditional recruits into high-demand tech careers.

This document is primarily concerned with the education and training system, and the extent to which it provides possibilities, pathways, and scaffolding for learners in these underrepresented groups. GAN New Zealand will use these findings to inform our outreach and advocacy efforts to support access to digital skills learning opportunities.

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